We Are A Peer-to-Peer Network of Companies Dedicated To Learning & Growing Together.


OpExChange is a unique peer-to-peer network of companies dedicated to achieving greater levels of operational excellence. Through shared learning and collaboration, member companies exchange ideas, expertise and advice in areas such as lean manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and leadership to accelerate their pace of change, increase their competitiveness, and maintain the gains. Participation in OpExChange provides game-changing opportunities for improvement, growth, and renewal.

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Benefits of Membership

  • Accelerated learning in the tools, techniques and technologies that are proven to help companies reach the next level
  • Reduced chaos and stress that are sapping your organization of needed momentum and team-work
  • Avoided mistakes that other companies often make
  • Proven ideas for greater competitiveness, both locally and globally
  • Streamlined problem solving through focused peer-based collaboration on specific issues
  • Timely and critical insights into how emerging technologies are going to affect your industry
  • Transformed work culture built on analysis, communication and action
  • Improved performance – On average, member companies report $2M economic impact

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