Insight: A Network for Manufacturing Executives

“Insight has provided a valuable forum to discuss challenges, share similar circumstances and explore potential business solutions. Unlike other trade organizations, the executives in the Peer Network are not competitors in your industry, leading to a more candid discussion. The goal is support among fellow peer leaders, and it is reassuring to know that other executives face similar concerns.”

Carolyn Voisin, President, Roylco, Inc.

The Insight Network provides executives with the opportunity to collaborate with peers to share ideas, solve problems, and navigate the obstacles of running a business. Through monthly half-day sessions, members work face-to-face to sharpen skills and improve organizational performance. Events typically include a combination of training sessions, focused problem-solving, guest speakers, product demonstrations, and plant tours.

An Executive Peer Network For

  • Improved Efficiencies
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Revenue
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Improved Decision-Making

Why the Peer Network is Unique

  • It is a gathering of trusted advisors exchanging valuable insight, not a soft breakfast/lunch networking session
  • Discussion topics are based on interests expressed by the group, not a lecture series wherein SCMEP determines the topic
  • Members are committed to attending and participating in each meeting
  • The group is only comprised of non-competing manufacturers, not service companies there to solicit business

How to Join

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