Recruiting, preparing, and growing the talent base are among the most critical challenges facing manufacturers. SCMEP helps manufacturers increase worker output and adapt to change through hands-on training, development, and coaching. Lean for Job Shops, Training Within Industry, and Leadership Development are only a few of the Workforce Development services offered.

Lean for Job Shops

Lean for Job Shops teaches the principles of Lean Manufacturing for a discrete, non-repetitive environment and how to apply these critical tools. Lean concepts are introduced, such as batch-size reduction, visual signals, standardizing work, and many others. It is designed to help manufacturers significantly improve profit margin and eliminate waste.

Training Within Industry

TWI consists of fundamental tools that provide immediate results in reducing training time, improving processes, and building cooperation. While immediate results are crucial, the real power in TWI is the long-term benefit of creating a culture with respect, solid communication, and cooperation. These factors all play a part in contributing to the bottom line and success of an organization. TWI consists of three basic tools: job relations (JR), job instruction (JI), and job methods (JM).

Leadership Development

Leaders are asked to do more with fewer resources and societal norms are influencing the level of motivation in today’s workforce. Many organizations have completed years of extensive research to identify what successful leaders do to create high performance organizations. Leadership Development addresses various learning styles and discusses the following areas: developing a high performance team culture, leadership essentials, communicating for results, developing a culture of engagement and motivation for others to achieve, delegating for empowerment and engagement, and managing conflict, among others.

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