Manufacturers must continually innovate – develop new products, adopt new technologies, and improve manufacturing processes – to retain current customers, increase profitability, and expand into new markets. SCMEP can help identify opportunities to diversify, evaluate markets and competitors, develop succession plans, and help create virtual solutions. Take a look at some of the Innovation & Growth services we provide.

Sales & Marketing Boost

For an immediate boost in sales activity and revenue, SCMEP offers the Sales & Marketing Boost. This unique six-module program delivers tremendous value by establishing a strategic marketing plan, improving messaging impact, developing better sales and marketing tools, boost sales effectiveness, and generating high-potential leads. Sales & Marketing Boost is the only program designed and built by marketers, manufacturers, and engineers in order to maximize operational impact. Clients have reported incredible results including double digit web traffic, 4x lead flow, 75% increase in quotes, double new customers, and more than 25% increase in sales revenue.

SCMEP’s free Sales & Marketing Maturity Model is a self-guided assessment to benchmark your performance and identify opportunities for improvement. To download this model, please fill out the following information.

Strategic Growth Acceleration

SCMEP’s Strategic Growth Acceleration establishes a process for reliable and profitable growth through innovation, product/service/operational development, and marketing. Clients receive hands-on training and highly practical tools and techniques needed to establish growth as a core competency at all levels of the organization. Strategic Growth Acceleration is the only growth program of its kind that jumpstarts an organization’s growth activity for lasting results.

SCMEP’s free Innovation Management Maturity Model is a self-guided assessment to benchmark your performance and identify opportunities for improvement. To download this model, please fill out the following information.

3D Modeling & Virtual Reality

Improve product development and sales effectiveness with SCMEP’s 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality services. Recent marketing research indicates that using true 3D models and virtual reality for sales and presentations boosts understanding and purchase intent by over 40%. And, by using 3D/VR for design reviews, manufacturing improvements, and employee training, companies can save thousands of dollars on costly mistakes and misunderstandings. SCMEP’s recent applications of 3D/VR include: virtual facility prototyping, product design/prototyping, training, process visualization, life and safety, product configurations, and customer interface.

Executive Training

Strategic Planning: SCMEP’s Strategic Planning services are designed to streamline the planning process and ensure smooth plan execution. For companies needing significant guidance and strategic thinking, to those who already know which key initiatives they need to pursue, SCMEP helps deliver a strategic plan that is transformational, motivating, and achievable.

Policy Deployment: SCMEP’s Policy Deployment programs ensure a company’s strategic plan does not simply collect dust. Policy Deployment provides the needed coordination and accountability to ensure corporate strategy is executed according to plan. Facilitators will provide the necessary foundational training, and will help manage policy deployment activity for the first few weeks to ensure learning and success.

Executive Coaching: Executives and business owners often lack a trustworthy and confidential source of advice. Many simply want a sounding board to test new ideas while others seek a mentor to help sort through the myriads of issues faced daily. SCMEP offers world-class executive coaching by experienced professionals who have also owned and run successful businesses. Each coach can also provide, if needed, an unbiased Executive 360 assessment with a personalized plan for improvement.

Family Business Advisor: This program assists in developing a well-integrated, comprehensive exit strategy for current leaders. It also helps determine the current and desired future value of the business to maximize investment, develop succession plans, and design a plan to move forward. With effective planning, both can thrive through the inevitable changes that impact every small business.

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