CodeLynx diversifies product mix and client base with help from SCMEP

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Company Overview

CodeLynx, LLC is a software engineering and electronic security services provider based in Charleston, South Carolina. A Women-Owned Small Business, CodeLynx has been providing custom software solutions, web development, and a wide range of electronic security and audio visual services, for both government and commercial customers, since 2003. CodeLynx has been recognized as one of the 20 Best-Performing small companies in South Carolina by SC Biz News in both 2014 and 2015, and has been named to the Inc. 500|5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for the last four consecutive years.


CodeLynx was predominately a Department of Defense contractor. Four years ago, roughly 80% of their business was DoD. With sequestering on the rise, they recognized the writing on the wall and decided to make a concerted effort to gain a larger and more diverse client base.


The company had systems in place for government contracting and capture management but wished to diversify. Through the Defense Diversification Program, SCMEP was able to assist with Marketing and Sales, Lean Product Development, Strategic Planning, and Leadership Development. The Sales and Marketing Boost Program took employees through six modules, beginning with a preliminary marketing plan and concluding with dashboard analysis and marketing plan adjustments. The program aimed at finding new markets, increasing market penetration, launching new products, and diversifying. While CodeLynx is an agile product development company, the Lean Product Development Program was utilized in terms of bringing new products to market. It was not only the software development and coding but included the marketing, business analysis, and research and development aspect. Last was Strategic Planning and Leadership Development. This program is designed to streamline the planning process and ensure smooth plan execution. With help from SCMEP, CodeLynx was able to plan for the next generation and the continuity of operations. The company was able to evaluate what products and services they currently had, what their skill set from the DoD looked like, and how that could be applied to other areas.


The full program was completed in four months and was very successful. CodeLynx is now a larger company than they were prior to the training, increasing sales by 10% in 2016 as compared to the previous year. The increase in sales came about while moving away from DoD business, as commercial is growing. Since the program, three new products have gone to market. CodeLynx notes they will always be a DoD contractor, but will now be able to be more selective in their projects.

“SCMEP has been a great partner in our efforts to diversify from a predominately DoD based business. The training and consulting they performed was excellent, but the organization overall helped us grow and identify beta clients to help us test and improve our three new software applications. The caliber of the personnel that SCMEP provided was outstanding and the knowledge, experience and perspective was a huge contribution to the strategic planning for our transition away from a DoD based business.” Drew Weston, Director of Sales and Marketing, CodeLynx